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    Hassle-free cooking? It's in the bag

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      As Seen On Dragon's Den One of the greatest things since sliced bread has got to be the toaster. So it's hardly surprising one of the greatest innovations to grace our gorgeously orangey site utilises this humble bread-browning gizmo.

      Toastabags are, as the name suggests, bags that go in the toaster. So far, so what. Well here's the good bit: you can cook stuff in 'em. Toasted sandwiches, pizza, pasties, baked beans, burgers, fish fingers, bacon, omelettes, oven chips, even salmon fillets - you name it, these miraculous bags will cook it.

      All you do is slip your ingredients in the re-usable Toastabag, pop it in the toaster and wait. Bish bash bosh. It's easier than pulling your pants down and far more appetising.

      Speaking of pulling your pants down, Toastabags are ideal for all you crazy student-types who'd rather be watching Columbo than messing about with pots, pans and washing up liquid. But it's not all about the slothful, the gormless and the oven-less. These handy heater-uppers are perfect for anyone who enjoys quick, hassle-free cooking. One trick pony sandwich toasters? No thanks.

      Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, Toastabags are unlikely to win many fans amongst food snobs and Ramsay wannabes. But for those of us who can't be bothered knocking up a tortellini of ratatouille with a spicy jus d'ponce come closing time, they're ideal. Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to cook some julienned cod au gratin (fish fingers) in our Toastabags. Bon appetit!

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