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Toast Electric Handwarmer
  • Toast Electric Handwarmer
  • Toast Electric Handwarmer
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Toast Electric Handwarmer

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Toast Electric Handwarmer
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  • The best thing since sliced bread
  • A pocket-sized electric handwarmer… in the shape of toast!
  • The toast has a cute little face, naturally
  • Saves you carting around a real slice of bread and a toaster to keep warm
  • Charges via included USB cable, easy peasy


There is NOTHING more comforting than a piece of hot buttered toast. FACT.

So it was only a matter of time before the majesty of warmed up bread inspired a handwarmer. Not sure why they’ve put a little face on it though, but it’s so cute that we can’t really complain.

Get bready to defrost your digits - this baby reaches up to 55°C in record timing. You can also swap between low or high temperature settings easily, or keep it ticking over for 4 hours on low temp or 2 hours on high.

No batteries? No problem! This baby charges via the included USB cable, for maximum wirelessness/batterylessness/stresslessness.

Whether you’ve got poor circulation or you’re just a cold kinda human, you’re going to wish you’d bought this when the cold fingers of Jack Frost creep around the neck of British weather. Hmm, that was creepy. Best not to end on a creepy note. Did you know that according to the manufacturer this handwarmer’s name is Butta? Awwwwh.

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  • "Excellent product, useful for keeping my hands warm when typing at work. Heat lasts around 2 hours and takes around 3 hours to charge ."
    - 19th of April, 2019