Tipsy Freakshakes
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  • Tipsy Freakshakes
  • Tipsy Freakshakes

Tipsy Freakshakes

Get the shakes

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  • Everything you need to make one indulgent Freakshake
  • Milky, melty, creamy, gooey and very boozy
  • Choose between Kraken Rum and Baileys Irish Cream
  • Comes with a reusable glass mason jar
  • Delicious hot or cold


Allll the milky, melty, creamy, gooey goodness of a classic Freakshake – with lashings of booze chucked in for good measure.

These Tipsy Freakshake kits come with everything you need to make your own overindulgent delights, including the mason jar.

There are two varieties to choose from depending on your tipple – Kraken Rum or Baileys Irish Cream. Both come bundled with an epic mess of pretzels, popcorns, marshmallow, chocolate chips and salted caramel.

Just add your own milk and cream, then pile in the other ingredients and ascend to a sweet, boozy heaven.
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