Tip & Tilt Internet Radio
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Tip & Tilt Internet Radio

Look ma, no knobs!

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    change the station with a roll to the left or right

    Turn over to the next station

    Remember when radios were simple? Probably not. These days it’s all about the mind-boggling choice and knob-strewn tech of internet radio. But, as the Tip & Tilt Internet Radio exemplifies to perfection, simple is frequently brilliant.

    Just like regular internet radios this funky rechargeable cube receives squillions of radio stations from around the world via your home Wi-Fi connection. The difference is there are no buttons to push, knobs to turn or screens to read. Simply switch between four preset stations by turning it over from side to side. To adjust volume tilt it forward or back; to mute lay it on its front. Idiot-proof? It makes pulling your pants down seem daunting.

    setup - download software setup - plug in USB setup - add channels

    1) Download the software online

    2) Plug in the USB cable provided

    3) Add your favourite channels

    Adjust the volume by tipping the radio

    Tip the radio forwards and backwards to adjust the volume

    But what about all this four stations business? Research shows that most listeners tune in to fewer than four favourites on a regular basis (a bit like satellite TV). So there. But if you do fancy checking out obscure traffic reports from Armenia or podcasts discussing dry-stone walling, simply reset your four preset stations by reconnecting to your PC or Mac via USB.

    Of course all this intuitive functionality would be pretty irrelevant if the Tip & Tilt sounded like a wasp chewing Space Dust in an empty Fanta can but it’s actually one of the beefiest single speaker products we’ve ever heard. Even James Blunt packs a knockout sonic punch on this lairy box of tricks. Sort of.


    Available in five colours: clockwise from top left: White, Black, Pink, Blue and Green

    The Tilt’s rechargeable battery lasts up to 14 hours on a single charge and a mains adaptor and USB lead are also included. Music to your ears? Absolutely. In fact apart from choosing your favourite quartet of stations, the hardest thing is deciding what colour to go for. ‘Hmmm…today we’ll listen to sea shanties from Iceland, Afrobeat from Benin, trip hop from Solihull and, er, Radio 4.’ What a square!

    What do the lights mean?

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