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Timberrr! (With a tortuous twist)

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    Plotting the perfect route is hard enough in real life, without having to worry about brightly coloured crates, annoying grids, devious challenge cards and little red men. So why would anyone want to mangle their mind with Tipover, as it involves all of the above and more. In fact, this fiendishly vexing one-player brainteaser is a masterpiece of mind manglery (yes, we made that word up) and it's guaranteed to have you hooked the moment you start tipping.

    Tip Over So what's so good about a game that involves tipping? Well you won't have to work out 15% on your fingers or scarper before the waiter realises what a tightwad you are, as it's not that kind of tipping. No, the idea here is to tip over various crates in order to create a path to a red destination crate.

    Tip Over Confused? Allow us to explain: 40 beginner-to-expert Challenge Cards show you how to set up the grid using crates of different heights (yellow crates are 2 units high, green are 3 units high, and blue are 4 units high). All you have to do is figure out the correct tipping sequence to help your little red man (or Tipper) reach his goal.

    Tip Over To move from one crate to another, a tipped-over crate must fall and land adjacent to another crate. The little red man can then move from the fallen crate to the adjacent one. It's a bit like Mousetrap meets 3D dominoes via one of those brainteasers you sometimes encounter in role-playing videogames.

    Tip Over Despite its fairly basic concept, Tipover is excruciatingly addictive as one false move can spell disaster, and seemingly simple set ups can leave you hopelessly stumped for hours on end. Indeed, Tipover is one of those games that takes over your life because walking away from an unsolved grid is just not an option. We tried it and only succeeded in gnawing down a few more teeth before racing back to have another go. And surely that's the sign of a truly crate brainteaser!

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