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Times Puzzle
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Times Puzzle

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    Purchasing unique and inventive presents is easy if you know how (which you obviously do, as you're currently surfing around Firebox). Purchasing unique, inventive and personalised presents is not so easy - and there's no way we're about to start an engraving service.

    That's why we've been on the lookout for a highly original gift that's playable and personal. And hold the front page, because we've found one! The Times Puzzle is exactly that - a puzzle of The Times. Or, more precisely, a 400 piece jigsaw puzzle of the front page of The Times. The clever thing is, you choose which date the front page in question comes from.

    Times Puzzle Simply send us your required date (be it a birthday, anniversary, whatever) and before you can say 'Top footballer caught in secret love tryst!' we'll dispatch a beautifully made jigsaw puzzle depicting the front page from that day's issue of The Times. Of course the aforementioned salacious headline would never feature in a newspaper of The Times' stature. After all, this highly-regarded daily publication was the first to send special correspondents abroad to follow particular conflicts, and its list of contributors reads like a who's who of literature.

    Times Puzzle Each fascinating jigsaw is individually created using high-quality mono reproductions taken from original - and increasingly rare - archive editions dating as far back as 1850! And although we doubt any of you are over 150 years old, maybe you'd like to know what was making the news when your late Uncle Wilf was born; or maybe you're a keen history buff; or maybe you're immortal like that bloke in Highlander - no hang on, that's just silly.

    Times Puzzle Personalised pressies don't come much better than this, because piecing together an old (but relevant) front page is just as entertaining as reading it. And receiving a gift as unique as The Times Puzzle shows that it really is the thought that counts. Puzzling times indeed!

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