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    Time Tee
    When our product scouts phoned to say they'd found a brilliant T-shirt called the Time Tee we had visions of a garment depicting that Baldrick bloke digging around for Roman coins. We realised our mistake the second we saw this utterly ingenious T-Shirt, as it actually features a working digital clock.

    Possibly the most attention-grabbing T-shirt since the T-Equaliser, the Time Tee makes sweary shock tees and retro schlock tees look about as radical as Y-fronts. (Unless you've got a pair with a big green clock stuck to the front and don't wear trousers).

    Bringing a whole new meaning to the term 'got the time on you?' this glowing garment is set to become the shirt of choice for clubbers, time-conscience show-offs and anyone who likes the idea of being gawped at. Ice-breaker? Not 'arf!

    Time Tee

    The time is...

    Time Tee

    Battery-pack can also clip to your belt

    Powered by 4xAAA batteries, which are hidden in a little pocket inside the shirt, the Time Tee's electro-luminescent front panel is hard to miss. We guarantee onlookers will be agog. You can even power-down by flicking the switch on the battery pack - perfect for moments when time is not an issue.

    Time Tee

    Circuit board pattern

    Best of all you can switch modes from digital clock to stopwatch and use your Time Tee to see how long mates take to get the beers in, how quickly someone comments on your stylish hi-tech garb, or how slow the bar staff are. You can even pretend you're a cyborg with a 24-style real-time counter stuck to your chest. If you want. In fact the Time Tee's comedic potential is enormous.

    You needn't worry about short-circuiting your hi-tech apparel in the wash. Simply remove the battery-pack and get busy with the washing powder. Brilliant! Speaking of washing, we'll soon be clean out of Time Tees, so hurry up and get ordering. What time is it? It's time to buy!

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