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Time Tag

    Time Tag

    Got the time on you?

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      Flashy watches that tell the time in a gazillion different time zones whilst calculating the square root of a banana at 500m below sea level are all well and good, but are they really necessary? We foolishly thought they were until the head-slappingly simple Time Tag arrived here at Firebox HQ.

      This itsy-bitsy stainless steel clip tells the time. End of story. No stopwatch, no diamond-activated depth gauge, no nothing. The Time Tag does one job but it does it supremely well and, more to the point, it does it in such a practical manner we can't believe it hasn't been thought of before.

      Time Tag Simply clip it to your lapel, collar, belt, bag, or anything else you can think of and you'll always have the time on you (unless of course you take all your clothes off, in which case the last thing you should be worrying about is the time).

      The advantages that this tiny LCD timepiece has over a wristwatch are endless. Apart from an end to itchy wrists and broken bracelets, you won't have to hide your pricey watch for fear of being mugged, or conceal your fake Far Eastern knock-off for fear of being laughed at when the hands fall off.

      Time Tag Incredibly, Time Tags are only £14.95 for a pair. So even if you somehow lose them both or drop them into the path of an oncoming steamroller you won't have to claim on your home insurance to replace them.

      The Time Tag is gorgeously chic and inconspicuous so it looks equally at home on a power suit or a Hawaiian shirt. You could even clip one to each nostril for that hi-tech cyberpunk look. Or not.

      As you can see, we've gone completely Time Tag crazy and we think it's about time you did too!

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