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    Just like comedy, dancing or a trapeze act; good cooking is all about timing. Get it right and you’ll be a hero. Get it wrong and it could lead to a rather awkward silence. And possibly hospital. So the next time you take on a tartlet (or any other culinary challenge) don’t trust your intuition, trust a Time-M.

    That’s ‘M’ for matryoshka, before you ask – named after the famous nesting Russian dolls, this ivory plastic timer looks great in any kitchen. Simply lift off the larger doll’s top half to expose the timer and nested smaller doll inside. Give the smaller one a twist and it’ll steadily tick round to zero while you calmly create a taste sensation. Whether you then serve it with a well rehearsed joke, body-pop, or forward flip is entirely up to you. Although we’d probably suggest a nice salad.

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