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Keep a level head

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    close up of the challenge cards

    Challenge cards

    Keep a steady hand and a level head – this bamboozling board game will test your spatial and logic skills to the limit! As voted by the Firebox office as Game-Most-Likely-to-Make-You-Go-Cross-Eyed, Tilt sets you the task of guiding a green slider into the centre hole of the board.

    Sounds easy? Well to complicate things you also have up to four blue sliders which absolutely must not fall in the hole. And to make life even more difficult grey blocking pieces can be added to change the layout of the Tilt board.

    Pick one of the 40 challenge cards and lay out the board according to its instructions. Then send your eyes in all directions as you tilt the board to set all of the pieces moving. With games ranging from Beginner to Expert it’s great fun for all ages; and is so simple that anyone can play. Come on Gran, give it a wobble!

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