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Tile Light
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Tile Light

Psychedelic showertime

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    Apart from the knitted dolly loo roll cover in Granny Firebox's bathroom, the phenomenally chic Tile Light has got to be the most mesmerising thing we've ever had the pleasure to gawp at whilst soaking in the tub. That's because this ingenious square of ambient lighting gently phases through a kaleidoscope of relaxing colours, filling the bathroom with a highly relaxing, ever-changing glow.

    Yes, there are others ways to give bath time a chilled-out vibe, but who can be bothered with all that candle malarkey? Besides, the Tile Light won't drip hot wax all over your loofah. Moreover, it's a doddle to operate and so unobtrusive you won't even know it's there when it's not switched on.

    So how does the Tile Light work? Well, basically, this battery-operated gizmo sticks to the wall via four nifty suckers - no wiring or grouting required. The on/off button is on the reverse and by pushing the Tile Light against the wall you can switch it to cycle through a rainbow of LED colours or 'stick' on your favourite.

    To operate:
    It's a bit like showering aboard the Starship Enterprise (not that we remember seeing Captain Kirk visiting the loo). And it's even better if you dim your regular lights as the effect is intensified. Put on a bit of chill-out music and you could be bathing in some hi-tech psychedelic spa on the Planet Hendrix.

    The Tile Light can also be used as a sort of guiding light - if you catch our drift - for those times when you don't fancy startling the senses with a barrage of blinding neon. But you don't have to stick the Tile Light in the bathroom; you can put it on your bedside table or even in the kitchen - it really is seriously versa-tile. So what are you waiting for? Don't you think you deserve a good light on the tiles!

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