Tie Fighter Desk Lamp
  • Tie Fighter Desk Lamp
  • Tie Fighter Desk Lamp
  • Tie Fighter Desk Lamp

Tie Fighter Desk Lamp

Pretty light for a dark side

We Love This Desk Lamp!
Our heart belongs to the middle section of the Venn diagram combining classy modern homeware with our nerdiest passions. Which, coincidentally, is where this lamp lies.

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Tie Fighter Desk Lamp
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  • The dark side on your desk
  • Poseable 60cm tall TIE fighter desk lamp
  • Nowhere near as fragile as the real thing
  • Powered by twin ion engines USB
  • Officially licensed Star Wars merch!


Blast all your pressing tasks into oblivion as though they were mere pesky X Wings with our sleek TIE fighter desk lamp and its exceptional maneuverability - you heard us, it’s fully poseable! Officially licensed, this lovely lamp is truly a light source worthy of the Empire.

Of course, while these are an incredibly convincing miniature replica, they lack the combat shields, hyperdrive, life-support systems, and generally flimsiness of their in-movie counterparts. Sorry, Emperor Palpatine. It’s true. (Ooh, burn, etc.)

And, thankfully, this bit of kit doesn’t make the deafening roar of the original TIE fighters. Just as well, you’d join the Rebel Alliance after about 3 uses if you had to listen to that every time.

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2 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Awesome! My partner will just love it :)"
    - 2nd of November, 2018
  • "My boyfriend is 28, but this lamp made him act like an excited 6 year old. I'd say that's a successful birthday present."
    Tamara - 26th of September, 2018