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It’s a mount, a stand and it’s a wrap

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    Fold to angle on the table

    We all love our iPhones; the sleek design, the time consuming apps and the freedom to access the web wherever we go. We’re addicted to the increased social connection, not to mention the immediate feeling of faint superiority. We just love them so much.

    But as with any beautiful and innovative, superiority inducing communication device, there is always a downside. That’s right; your iPhone may be dangerous; dangerously messy, and annoyingly unstable.

    adding the magnetic strip

    Apply the magnetic strip to the back of your iPhone

    Folding over the cover

    Foldable cover

    Attached to the fridge

    Attach to the fridge

    Headphones wrapped

    Coil the cable in the cover

    How many times have you fallen asleep listening to music, only to awaken with the cord wrapped around your neck? Consider all the times you’ve tried to balance your iPhone on a flat surface, or stick it to the fridge, but just knew it would slip and hurt itself (or you) the moment your back was turned. Count your blessings you got off so lightly.

    Thankfully, now we can enjoy our glorious gadgets with gravity defying impunity and in slightly smug safety. The Tidy Tilt provides the perfect solution for the modern iPhone user – serving as a sleek and simple fold-out stand, a magnetic frame and a handy, portable cable wrapping… thing. So you can pick the perfect angle for typing, watching and whatever else you do together.

    Colours available:

    L-R: Orange, Grey, Green, Pink, Blue and Black

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