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Thundersplash R/C Boat

    Thundersplash R/C Boat

    Who said pond life was boring?

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      Until recently, owning a speedboat was a luxury enjoyed exclusively by spoilt brats and pre-pubescent F1 drivers. But now, thanks to the amazing Thundersplash R/C speedboat, you too can hang around the marina wearing ludicrous sportswear and harping on about your shiny new wonder-vessel. Well all right, maybe you canÂ’t, but you can still impress duck-feeding grannies, net-wielding toddlers and dozing all-night fishermen with this incredibly hi-tech piece of pond technology.

      ThundersplashYes racing fans, with an impressive top speed of 18kmh Thundersplash goes like the proverbial clappers, and its digital proportional R/C means it can turn on a sixpence – or, in this case, a lump of sodden bread.

      In fact, the way this little baby rockets across the water youÂ’d be forgiven for thinking it could easily flip over and capsize. Thankfully, the clever inventors have incorporated anti-rollover technology into the design.

      ThundersplashThundersplash also features a handy auto slow-down function that reserves 2-3 minutes power, allowing you to steer and retrieve the boat when the battery runs low. Best of all, Thundersplash is available in 6 different frequencies so you can race against your mates and cause maritime mayhem as you battle it out to be king of the waves.

      ThundersplashThundersplash comes as a ready-to-run package complete with 7.2V 900AH Ni MH battery and charger (gives about 10-15 mins per charge). So, despite being the proud owner of an R/C speedboat, you wonÂ’t get lumped in with those Time Team-esque weirdos who spend aeons fine-tuning their petrol driven masterpieces for about 2 secondsÂ’ worth of splash bang wallop.

      ThundersplashWeÂ’ve got several Thundersplashes waiting to zoom out of the Firebox dry docks right now, so water you waiting for? Order now and start making waves at your local pond before we completely run out of H2O-based wordplay!

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