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Thundercats Vehicle & Action Figure
  • Thundercats Vehicle & Action Figure

Thundercats Vehicle & Action Figure

Put a Tygra in your tank

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    They’re on the move, on the loose and coming to a small screen near you. Thundercats, the classic 80’s cartoon, has been given the reboot it rightly deserves! So fuel up and strap in ready for their arrival with a Thundercats Vehicle & Action Figure.

    These detailed runabouts are new to the retooled TV series. 10cm tall Lion-O and Tygra both come with a sleek-looking Thunderpod, fitted with a unique weapon attachment. Fire Lion-O’s spring-loaded drill missile and light up Tygra’s laser with a push of a button.

    Their arch enemy Slithe comes armed to the teeth on a mean-looking machine. Press the fire button to launch his roof-mounted cannon and send the Thundercats running for cover.

    Which vehicle and figure will you get?...
    Lion-O and Thunderpod Cycle

    Lion-O and Thunderpod Cycle

    Tygra and Thunderpod Cycl

    Tygra and Thunderpod Cycle



    But there’s more to these machines than looks alone. Swap out the basic 10cm figures that come with each vehicle for the Thundercats 10cm Action Figures and their built-in Thunder Lynx technology will activate a host of new features, lights and sounds. The Thunderpods will even attach to the larger (and more awesome) Thundertank for added muscle in the heat of a fight.

    But which character will you get? Thundercats Vehicle & Action Figures are packed and sent out at random so there’s no way of knowing which you’ll receive until it arrives. Who will answer your call to arms? Will it be Lion-O or Tygra to the rescue, or the dastardly Slithe? Hit the Buy button and find out. Thundercats... HO-OOOOO!

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