Thug Kitchen Party Grub

Swear Meals

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  • Learn to make some f*cking healthy food that's worth sharing
  • 100 new recipes for birthdays, holidays, parties etc.
  • Rammed full of frank and foul-mouthed vegetarian recipes
  • The follow up to the New York Times bestseller
So you bought its sweary predecessor 'Thug Kitchen' and have been cooking some seriously healthy food for yourself at home ever since. But let’s be honest, that shit falls apart every time you spend the holidays with your lazy extended family or go to some party where the healthiest options are wet baby carrots. F*CK. THAT. With this new volume Thug Kitchen Party Grub, you don't have to deal with that shit ever again.

Containing 100 never-before-seen recipes for any occasion; birthdays, holidays, street parties, pyjama parties, Mario Kart parties, whatthef*ckever. This book has got your grub game sorted. And unlike most snobby recipes that require you to source a dozen dog eggs and a cup of fresh swan's blood, this is wholesome food made from real ingredients you can find in your local supermarket.

Don't be the only one not invited to the f*cking party- grab your copy today.

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  • "Present for the misses, can't wait to try out the recipes!"
    Nick - 16th of December, 2015