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Thor's Lightning Hammer
  • Thor's Lightning Hammer

Thor's Lightning Hammer

Be the talk of Asgard

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    This hammer has lights,
    sounds and a firing missile!

    With rain, wind and lightening at his command, Thor would probably have gone completely unnoticed here in Blighty – what with all the above happening most of the time anyway. But we’d definitely have noticed a weapon as huge and impressive as Mjolnir, Thor’s trusty hammer. A fan favourite since the Thunder God first arrived in Marvel comics, this iconic weapon hasn’t left his side since.

    And now the power of thunder (or at least the sound of it) can be yours! Thor's Lightning Hammer lets you wield Mjolnir like goldilocks himself, complete with thunder sounds, flashing lights and even a firing missile. Take your place in the Marvel Universe with this iconic bit of crime-fighting kit.

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