Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur
  • Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur

Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur

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    We all know Thorntons as the delightful high street chocolatier – makers of Christmas gift boxes, Easter treats and the occasional naughty indulgence in between. But now they’ve set their sights on the after-dinner, pre-night-out and all-back-to-mine crowd as well with Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur. And bless their scoffable box sets, they’ve done a fine job.

    This delicious drink is made by blending vodka with their carefully crafted chocolate; resulting in a liqueur that’s just as good over ice cream as it is over ice. In fact, you can use it any way you can imagine – mixed with cocktails, stirred into hot chocolate, swirled into coffee, folded into desserts, poured on a toothbrush... oh alright perhaps not any way. But with so many options still to try we’re all far too busy to be writing here. So three chocolatey cheers to Thorntons! Hip-hip... oh, everyone’s gone.
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