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This Book Will Make You Stronger

Do the write thing

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  • Unlock the refreshing and therapeutic powers of journalling
  • Order your thoughts, build your confidence
  • Become a stronger version of the man you already are
  • Like a workout for the mind
According to social media feeds; you should be all smiles, constantly on holiday, moving into a plush new flat, getting promoted, getting married and having a beautiful baby. Add to these unnecessary pressures a few money problems and some work stress – life can be a bit of an overwhelming bastard.

Thankfully (as the title proudly asserts) – This Book Will Make You Stronger. Using a series of engaging writing exercises you can order your thoughts, build your confidence and generally look after your own wellbeing.

The simple 30-step writing program is designed to help you ask some tough, introspective questions and make some life-changing realisations.

If you've never tried writing in this way before – it's like a refreshing workout for your mind.

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