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Thirsty Light

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    Thirsty Light blinks when your plant needs watering

    "Feed me, I'm thirsty!"

    Tired of bringing beautiful plants into your home just to watch them go brown? Well don’t take it personally. Keeping household plants healthy and green isn’t easy. However, one way to give yourself a helping hand is with the Thirsty Light. This ingenious little device will make sure you never under or over-water your indoor plants again!

    Just place the nifty little probe in your plant’s soil and if the conditions are too dry, the LED on top will blink. Great news if you’re ever unsure how often to water your greenery.

    Two versions available

    Available in Classic or Curve shape

    Leave the Thirsty Light as a permanent feature in one of your pots and you’ll barely notice it’s there (until it starts blinking at you). The ABS casing has been designed to blend in and be as unobtrusive as possible.

    However, as it only takes a second for the Thirsty Light to tell if a plant’s soil is too dry, you could use it to test all the plants in your house. Just wipe the durable brass sensor each time you remove it from the soil and it’ll be ready to test the next pot. The Thirsty Light detects five different levels of dryness, so whether you’re growing succulents or shrubs, you’ll get an accurate result.

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