Thin King Wallet
  • Thin King Wallet
  • Thin King Wallet

Thin King Wallet

The simple bare necessities

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  • Scale down your overflowing wallet to the essentials
  • Just 8mm thick - prevent undignified trouser bulges!
  • Unique hidden gripping method that holds 1 to 4 cards
  • Durable, discreet and lightweight


There are two types of people in this world: Those who love a hearty thick-set wallet, bulging with shrapnel and brimming with decade-old receipts and loyalty cards. Then there are those who prefer to carry just the very bare essentials, and if you fall into this second category you will love the Thin King Wallet.

Perfect for everyday use, this slick little wallet is just 8mm thick and made from a rugged anodized aluminium so that it's incredibly strong but also very lightweight. An ingenious internal gripping method allows you to securely hold between one and four cards without them falling out and its classic modern design means it'll blend in seamlessly with your own style. Continuing the valiant battle against electronic purse-snatching, the Thin King will also keep your cards nice and safe from RFID skimmers and scanners.

This slimline sovereign decrees that you throw away your saggy leather wallet, stop carrying so much loose change and extraneous cards and embrace a new way of thinking.

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