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Thermowear T-Shirts

Is it getting hot in here or what?

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Sh*t Hot right now


    Shoulder pads, fingerless gloves, Frankie Says T-shirts – anyone out of short pants can reel off a list of popular Eighties clobber. But how about the Nineties? Hmmm… You were probably too busy raving in the middle of some field to remember what you were wearing, so allow us to refresh your addled memory: Thermowear T-Shirts.

    Thermowear T-Shirts Thermowear T-Shirts Thermowear T-Shirts

    Available in Purple - Pink...

    ...and Blue - White

    Joe and Kylie get touchy feely

    These heat-sensitive fluorescent tees were all the rage back in the touchy-feely Nineties. Hardly surprising as they changed colour when you touched ‘em or got all hot and sweaty on the dancefloor. Okay, so we realise their popularity was fleeting but so was Gordon the Gopher’s and he’s…erm, collecting dust in some broom cupboard. Whatever.

    Look, the point is Thermowear T-Shirts look seriously cool and make an eye-catching, memory-jogging change from all those ‘I’m mad, I am’ slogan tees. Best of all they’re the only garments we can think of where touching is actively encouraged. And if that’s not a great reason for buying one, we don’t know what is.

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