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Therm au Rouge

    Therm au Rouge

    The opposite of a wine cooler

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      WeÂ’re not sure about this one. It does what it does well enough, and as you can recharge its powers, itÂ’s one of those welcome gifts that keeps on giving. However, no gasts are going to be flabbered by a plastic overcoat for a bottle that makes apparently unpalatable room temperature red wine nice and warm like it should be.

      If youÂ’ve ever seen those clear hand warmers that are activated by a clicking disc, which sets off a chemical reaction, turning the gel white as it gets hotter, then youÂ’ve effectively seen a Therm au Rouge too. Only the plonk heater-upper is red and has images of wine glasses plastered all over it. But like the hand warmers, you re-activate the gel by dipping the item in boiling water until it goes clear again.

      Five minutes of Therm au Rouge action is recommended for light-bodied reds, whereas ten minutes is ideal for full-bodied reds. If you know the difference between the two types and can name examples of each, then this is for you. Or if youÂ’ve got a significant other who will be impressed with correctly warmed wine, especially on a picnic.

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