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The WineRack
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The WineRack

My cups runneth over

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    The WineRack™

    Amy WineRack™

    You can keep your technological breakthroughs and advances in medical science; when a product involves boobies and booze, top retailers (okay, us) stand up and listen. Ladies and gentlemen (well, gentlemen with strange peccadilloes), introducing the WineRack™.

    The WineRack™

    I must, I must,
    I must increase my bust

    This comfortable sports-style bra contains a special boob-enhancing polyurethane bladder that can be filled with your drink of choice. Simply slip it on, fill with wine or any other beverage you fancy and wear it under your regular clothes. You can then indulge in a spot of stealth drinking via the WineRack's adjustable drinking tube. With a rack like this girls' nights out will never be the same again. As for boys' nights out, well, the mind boggles.

    The WineRack™

    Pour the alcohol into the polyurethane bra

    Just think, secretly guzzling from your gazongas means no more queuing up and forking out for overpriced drinks at festivals, gigs and games. The savings you'll make at just one event will pay for your WineRack™ and still leave you with enough change to buy some nuts - not that you'll be buying anything for yourself with a chest this impressive.

    The WineRack™

    The special boob-enhancing polyurethane bladder

    The WineRack™

    Hides inside the black bra

    As well as its revolutionary booze-concealing benefits, the WineRack™ increases your cup size by two full cups (cue sound of blokes cheering/leering). But that's hardly surprising because this ingenious dual-purpose shoulder-boulder holder can carry up to 750ml of liquid - that's an entire bottle of wine and a whole lot of extra boobage - talk about vino and va va voom!

    As you can imagine, the WineRack™ is set to fly off the shelves faster than you can say 'I hope that's Chardonnay you're drinking,' so we suggest you hit the Buy button before we call last orders on this utterly brilliant boozing accessory. Nice rack!

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