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The Voting Game

Tell it like it is

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Find out who your friends really are
  • The grown-up version of 'Never Have I Ever"
  • Best. Party-game. Ever.
  • You will most definitely be able to cut the tension with a knife
  • Anxiety sweats are also guaranteed


Prepare your nerves for a good solid shredding, The Voting Game is about to uncover the hilarious truth behind all your friendships.

Each player is assigned a number and voting cards representing everyone else's numbers. Then a card from the main deck is drawn upon which there's a question. Could be 'whose Google search history would you like to see the most?' or 'who has started a rumour knowing it was false?' or perhaps 'who will be a liability after the fewest drinks?'

You then place, face down, the voting card corresponding to the person you reckon best fits that question. Once all votes are cast, the answers are revealed. Enjoy.

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  • "This game was purchased as a gift and went down a storm with my sons and their friends. So much fun and everyone has asked where to get it."
    Sharon - 2nd of January, 2016