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The Vlogger's Handbook
  • The Vlogger's Handbook
  • The Vlogger's Handbook
  • The Vlogger's Handbook

The Vlogger's Handbook

Take the slog out of the vlog

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  • Vlogging isn't as hard (and internet fame isn't as far away) as you think
  • Your one-stop guide to creating great content and honing your craft
  • Covers equipment, storyboarding, lighting, editing and much more
  • Learn how to give your vlogs that professional look
  • Full of easy-to-digest lessons and handy project prompts


You've been putting it off for way too long and you know it – it's now time to take the plunge and start your vlog.

The Vlogger's Handbook takes this slightly daunting prospect and distils it down into one super accessible and easy-to-follow guide. Full of digestible lessons and handy project prompts; you'll learn how to get 'that professional look', create storyboards, master lighting and sound, and develop your own creativity.

You won't be alone on this journey – dotted throughout the book are Q&A panels featuring successful young vloggers who impart their own personal tips and stories about how they got into vlogging. This book will make you wonder why you didn't start yours years ago.

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