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The Vino Vault
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The Vino Vault

Drinking Problem

Product not available at the moment.
  • Because a bottle of wine alone is a terribly boring gift
  • Make them work that little bit harder for their present
  • Seal in their luxurious wine with your own five letter code
  • Nearly 12 million possible combinations
  • Give them hints, don't give them hints, string them along for years


You know someone who loves wine. So naturally you pop down to the shops, and after an informative exchange with a juvenile connoisseur you return with a luxurious and expensive bottle. Hate to say it, but this is still a distinctly average gift. You need to make them work hard to satisfy their fermented-grape cravings. Challenge them. Give them a puzzle to solve.

The Vino Vault is the ideal combination-locked vessel for your recipient's precious wine. Simply choose a 5 letter word, slide a regular 0.75L bottle inside and let the games commence. Drop as many hints as you like, or give them nothing to go on whatsoever. String them along for hours, weeks, years. You decide.

Once solved it's completely re-usable so they can pass on this cherished adventure to another.

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