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The Vamp
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The Vamp

Old speaker, new tricks

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  • Transform any speaker into a portable Bluetooth speaker
  • Restore beautiful vintage relics to their former glory
  • 10+ hours of playtime and rechargeable via USB
  • Sound quality blows other Bluetooth speakers out the water
  • Stick it anywhere on a speaker using the magnetic disc


Old speakers. Beautifully designed. Part of our musical heritage. Yet they're stuck in your garage, or gathering dust up in the loft, or sitting in the corner of a local charity shop. Still brimming with potential to produce great sound, the only thing they're lacking is the ability to communicate with our new technology, until now.

The Vamp breathes new life into these ageing sonic beasts by using Bluetooth to receive music from your smartphone, laptop or tablet and then play it through the speakers. Just to re-iterate, this sleek little device can transform any speaker into a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Hooking up via your regular red and black audio connectors, gone is that monstrous heap of clutter that we're used to seeing. And with the included adhesive metal disc you can position and secure it to your speaker magnetically.

The Vamp houses a rechargeable battery that lasts for over 10 hours and actually powers the speaker itself, it's now your own personal ghetto-blaster to take wherever you please. Naturally if you are just using it in your living room you can plug it in for constant power via the handy USB port.

Most modern Bluetooth speakers are just damned ugly, horrifically overpriced and lack any real clout in the sound department (despite their manufacturer's inflated claims). The Vamp on the other hand, delivers you rich, powerful and textured sound at an affordable price and in a beautiful package of your choosing.

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3 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Amazing. So small, but happily powers both of my hi-if speakers at full volume, and it's LOUD! Charge lasts 12+ hours on 1 speaker. BUY IT!"
    Craig - 19th of August, 2015
  • "If you have any concerns about the VAMP powering not 1 but 2 monster speakers then don't have, did mine in a heartbeat, sensational product."
    Paul - 24th of June, 2015
  • "So simple to set up, absolutely brilliant, very happy!"
    Daniel Heffernan - 28th of April, 2015