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The Ultimate Poker Pack
  • The Ultimate Poker Pack

The Ultimate Poker Pack

Gamble more and save a score!

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    Apart from pretending to row along the floor in empty packing crates singing the music to Hawaii Five O, our afternoon poker tournaments are the highlight of the day here at Firebox HQ.

    But it's not just us. The whole world has gone poker crazy of late. That's why we now sell so many fantastic poker-related playthings - from shufflers and decks to chips, tables and even electronic games. Indeed, the selection is so tempting it's difficult to know which item to have a punt on. So we've come up with the ideal solution and put together an Ultimate Poker Pack that contains four of our greatest poker products - and we've done it for under a ton! That means you can gamble more and save a score - well almost, because you'll save an impressive £19.85 when you buy these gorgeous goodies bundled together.

    You don't need to be a wiseguy to work out what a great deal the Ultimate Poker Pack really is, especially when we tell you what's inside. So eyes down and here we go: first up is the Deluxe Poker Chip Set. This luxury cushioned aluminium flight case contains 500 top quality 11.5g abs casino weight chips, five dice and two decks of deluxe playing cards. And yes, they're the ones the pros play with.

    Next on the table is the, er, table. Well, the Tabletop Poker Board to be precise. Simply unfold this sturdy, felt-coated board and instantly transform any surface into a plush, ultra-realistic 8-player poker table. To add to the realism, the four-slot chip trays boast handy drinks holders, so you can drown your sorrows or toast your success. Best of all the whole thing folds in half so you can hide it behind the sofa if disturbed mid-flush. Viva Las sitting room? Not half!

    Next up is the World Poker Tour Card Shuffler Set. If your shuffling skills are more Mr Bean than Mr Blaine, this sleek, battery-operated gizmo can help, as it will mix a couple of decks in a matter of secs. Just load the cards, push the button and hey presto! It even comes with two, yes two, decks of WPT Bee Playing Cards - so that's four decks in total! We told you it was the Ultimate Poker Set...

    Last, but by no means least, you can yee-hah your way to poker paradise as you bluff and bamboozle up to 5 virtual opponents with the ingenious No Limit Texas Hold 'em Electronic Game. This pocket-size version of the most popular form of poker is ideal for punters on the move, and it's just as challenging as the real thing because each virtual opponent has a unique playing style. Addictive? It's unputdownable!

    The Ultimate Poker Pack is perfect for anyone who wants to create that authentic Vegas vibe without leaving home, as it contains everything you need and more for a full-on poker showdown (except perhaps a box of quality Cubans). In fact, short of hiring Joe Pesci to do his 'funny how?' routine and flying in Sharon Stone to blow on your dice, we can think of no better way to make like a genuine card sharp. A brilliant deal? You bet!

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