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The Tuck
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The Tuck

Get tucked

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Multi-use blanket with endless features
  • Doubles as a pillow, eye mask, cape, storage system, foot cosy…
  • Has handy pockets for your phone, TV remote, etc.
  • You’ll wonder how you ever travelled without it
  • Just as good for around the house too tbh


Millions of years since the invention of the humble blanket, it has reached peak evolution in the form of the Tuck.

Seamlessly convert this versatile wondercloth from a basic blanket to a pillow, a cloak, a foot or hand cosy, an eye mask, a headrest for your car seats, a summer duvet replacement with ventilation holes, and much much more.

Have you ever tried bringing a blanket on your travels? Say goodbye to fitting anything else in your Scrooge-y luggage allowance. And the blankets on planes have seen some sh*t. There’s a story here, but it’s too gross to say. You’ll have to take our word for it.

Now the only thing you’ll have to worry about is someone nicking your Tuck because it’s so cosy, versatile and ruddy bloody neat.

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11 Reviews

Average 4.5/5 stars
  • "Very comfy und warm. Ideal for snuggling on the Couch."
    - 20th of December, 2019
  • "Bought as a present for my wife who loves to cuddle up in anything when shes tired, so this was perfect"
    - 15th of August, 2019
  • "This blanket thingy is amazing! Super comfy, warm & just perfect for lazy days on the sofa. Now we’re fighting over who wears it ;) "
    - 21st of January, 2019
  • "Purchased for an older relative. Coveted by my much younger daughters! "
    - 5th of December, 2018
  • "Versatile 'warmer' to keep away the British winter."
    - 29th of November, 2018