The Tjiller Beer Chiller
  • The Tjiller Beer Chiller

The Tjiller Beer Chiller

You’re as cold as ice

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    Cold ones are meant to be cold. The trouble is they start to lose their cool the second you take them out the fridge. So unless you live in Antarctica you’re lumbered with lukewarm lager. Thankfully the revolutionary Tjiller (pronounced ‘chiller’) is here to deliver you from warm booze misery.

    Simple but glugtastically effective, this amazing portable chiller is so effective it actually makes beers colder as you drink ‘em, no matter how hot the weather. Simply pop the Tjiller in the freezer overnight, then bung in your bottle or tinny and relax, safe in the knowledge your amber nectar will stay icy cool for up to 5 hours. Amazing!

    But why is the Tjiller so effective, we hear you ask as you lick your lips in thirsty anticipation? Well, without getting too scientific its durable polystyrene outer shell insulates an inner-layer of gel that can be cooled to very low temperatures. Throw in an aluminium membrane that slow-releases the cold from the gel and you’re looking at a truly ground-breaking receptacle. Mmm…cold beer.

    Still not convinced? You will be, especially on those hot sunny days when you’re chilling on the beach or shooting the breeze in the back garden. You’ll wonder how you ever coped without it. But wait, there’s more because the Tjiller also doubles up as an ice cream maker. Yes, really! Just pour in your ice cream mix and stir. It really is the most appealing hot weather accessory since the micro bikini. C’mon, chill.

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