The Stone

    The Stone

    Bizarre Internet Enigma

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      The Stone is basically a series of interlocking puzzles on a whole host of different subjects. As you advance deeper into the game you are rewarded with spot prizes and further cryptic clues. The game takes place on the Internet and instead of requiring a CD-ROM to play you only need an unusual looking black pendant. (Confused yet?)

      This black pendent is engraved with 6 strange looking symbols. This is the code that lets you into the game from the official web site

      The really interesting twist is the concept of the StoneMate. For every stone created there is just one exact duplicate. Once you locate the person online with the same stone as yours you can then assist each other in solving the various enigmas. But you can also tackle the puzzles alone if you wish just in case your StoneMate turns out to be an unfriendly hermit from a remote Scottish island.

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