The Star Mug
The Star Mug
The Star Mug
The Star Mug
The Star Mug
The Star Mug

The Star Mug

Like your coffee in a milky way?
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Add hot drinks to reveal six well-known constellations
For fans of star-gazing and boiling beverages alike
Hone your knowledge of the wondrous night sky
Monumental rocket ship packaging – a hamster's dream home
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"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
Oscar Wilde

Fill your weary Monday mornings with astronomical wonder as you sip from The Star Mug. Just pour in your favourite boiling beverage and watch the stars come out, revealing six well known constellations.

Which imaginative jester came up with all these constellations anyway? That's supposed to be a dog? That vague cluster, a scorpion? And we're definitely supposed to be seeing a centaur firing a bow and arrow? H'okay!


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Please Note:
  • Will not work as a navigational tool
  • Keep away from the dishwasher and microwave
Product Features:
  • Pour in hot drinks and watch in wonder as the stars come out
  • Reveals six well-known constellations
  • Impressive rocket box – the perfect hamster-friendly playhouse
  • Measures approximately 17cm(H) x 15cm(Ø)
Customer reviews
"One of the best mugs I own!"
Adam - 24th of January, 2017
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