The Smurfs Gutsy Plush
  • The Smurfs Gutsy Plush

The Smurfs Gutsy Plush

Small, blue... and Scottish

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    Everyone loves the Smurfs. What do you mean you’ve never heard of them? Small, blue, cute... funny hats? Well for anyone cool (see also: old) enough to remember the Smurfs in their original comic and cartoon, you’ll be as giddy as we were to see their happy smurfing faces again. And if you’re not familiar with their antics, you soon will be; as the live action 3D movie version is on the way!

    But the movie has more to offer than just 3Difying the little blue scamps. Leading the charge of all-new characters is The Smurfs Gutsy Plush. Plucky, bold and inexplicably Scottish, this pint-sized straight-talker is set to leap from obscurity to fan-favourite.

    Decked out in a kilt and PG-friendly white trousers, with a magnificent set of bushy brown chops, he might look a grizzled tough nut (as smurfs go); but give this super soft plush a squeeze and you’ll see it’s all front. Standing 10 inches tall, the Gutsy Plush is a great bit of memorabilia for fans or first-timers alike. Give him a home before Gargamel turns up and sends them running!

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