The Slanket
  • The Slanket

The Slanket

Heating bills? Bah!

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  • The pinnacle of the blanket evolution.
  • Oversize sleeves for outside-blanket interaction
  • You'll never be cold again


We could point out that this gigantic fleece blanket is soft, light and ludicrously snuggly. But that's hardly a revelation, as blankets have been striving for snuggly-ness for as long as we've been wrapping ourselves up for warmth.

But like a prehistoric sea-creature slowly morphing into a monkey (we're not clear on the exact evolutionary process), it is the mutations that make The Slanket the dominant species in the blanket kingdom. You see, The Slanket has grown arms. Long, loose 100% polyester microfibre sleeves.

Completely machine washable, we're witness to the peak of the blanket evolutionary chain. Darwin would have been proud.

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