The Simpsons Mini Figures Series 1
  • The Simpsons Mini Figures Series 1

The Simpsons Mini Figures Series 1

Smithers, release the figures!

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    each box is blind packed so who will you get?

    Who will it be? Every box is a mystery!

    ‘Operator! Give me the number for 911!’ It’s ingenious stupidity like this that has made The Simpsons the longest running American sitcom in history. But it’s not all about Homer *Doh!’* and his immediate dysfunctional clan, this awesome show is crammed with brilliant characters. So why not show your geeky appreciation and make like Comic Book Guy by snaffling up a few Simpsons Mini Figures.

    Brought to you by designer toy gurus Kidrobot, in association with Matt Groening and co, this highly collectable 24 character range of 3” vinyl mini figures features some of Springfield’s most notable citizens, from Sideshow Bob to Groundskeeper Willie.

    Collect all 24 of them:
    all the characters plus three mystery ones!

    Which member of Springfield's most infamous characters will you get? It could be one of the three mystery figures

    3 inches tall (which is 7cm to you metric people

    Each figure is roughly 7cm tall

    Unavailable in Kwik-E-Mart or even The Android’s Dungeon, each figure is blind boxed so you never know which character you’ll receive (‘Apu! Woo-hoo!). But that’s what makes collecting them such fun. ‘Smithers, release the figures!’

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