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The Shirt Companion
  • The Shirt Companion

The Shirt Companion

Pull your socks up, tuck that shirt in!

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    smart and discreet

    Keep your shirt and socks in place

    Here’s a sartorial accessory that no self-respecting gentleman should be without. The Shirt Companion is a forehead-slappingly brilliant way to keep your shirt tucked in and your socks pulled up at all times. How? By connecting the two, of course!

    Based on the hugely popular Derby Sock Suspender of the 1920’s, this set of 4 elastic straps clips the base of your shirt to your socks. So no matter how much you twist and move, your shirt will always remain straight, tidy and tucked in. Slip a pair of trousers over the top and people will marvel at how you stay so well-groomed and immaculate. Just make sure those sock clips are secure.

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