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The Secret Art of Being a Grown Up


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The Secret Art of Being a Grown Up
Love it as much as we do?
  • Make your adult life more fun, creative and carefree
  • Nuggets of sage advice paired with playful illustrations
  • How to navigate social situations, hold babies, open Champagne etc.
  • The ultimate guide to 'hacking' adulthood
Save yourself decades of stress and self-discovery – read The Secret Art of Being a Grown Up.

Covering all sorts of adulthood life hacks; from quickly resolving group decisions and nailing perfect high-fives, to holding babies and finding that little cardboard tab you get on tin foil boxes to keeps the roll from falling out. In other words – seriously indispensable knowledge.

Getting old is hard work, but this playful book is dedicated to making your adulthood more fun, creative and carefree. Ideal for first-apartment dwellers, baby makers, the recently-graduated, or anyone who fancies doing some 'adulting'.

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3 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "love this, super present for my brother who is no longer a teenager!"
    Megan - 13th of February, 2018
  • "Love the tips in this - can't wait to gift it. Though I may just keep it for myself..."
    Laura - 26th of December, 2017
  • "Before I gifted this, I gave it a read and suddenly felt much more knowledgeable about this whole adult responsibility thing I’ve been given"
    Lisa C - 30th of November, 2017