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The Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed

The rub of the green



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The Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed
  • Legal in all 50 states!
  • A sensory trip that'll blow your mind
  • Discover the rich history and mad science behind weed
  • 20 exquisite scratch n' sniff scent pads
  • Healthier than smoking the real stuff
  • No side effects (that we know of)
The Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed is a sensory trip into the world of the green stuff.

Filled with 20 stirring scratch n' sniff scent pads, this chunky cardboard book explores the rich history and evolution of this wondrous drug. Covering all topics from the science behind the munchies (it's very real), the botanical link between beer and weed, and why smoking cannabis makes Pink Floyd sound so damned good.

Entertaining, informative (did you know you could nibble or sniff peppercorns to reduce the paranoia? Incredible.) and beautifully-illustrated — it's the perfect gift for total pot heads or those with just a little cannabis curiosity.

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23 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Bought as a Valentine's day gift so i know he hasn't seen it but is going to love it, I've had a peek and it looks and smells great!"
    Jenna - 7th of February, 2018
  • "Incredibly entertaining. A novelty gift which was worth every penny."
    Lorna - 7th of February, 2018
  • "Amazing book! Bought for my best friend and he absolutely loved it - completely ignored the rest of his party to read it all!"
    Laura - 5th of February, 2018
  • "This is actually a present, however I did read the book myself and I may have to get one for someone else. Love it"
    Sammy - 2nd of February, 2018
  • "Exciting yet educational. wow."
    Joe - 11th of January, 2018