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The Rufus Roo
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The Rufus Roo

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    The pockets

    1) Fits shirts, trousers, paperbacks, 2) Fits books, shoes, clothes, laptop, iPad (inner pockets for wine bottles and food, 3) Fits passport, boarding card, purse, phone, keys

    Budget airlines are crafty. They pull you in with those amazing low-cost deals and then right at the last minute, sting you with an extra charge for hold luggage. Well two can play at that game.

    We’ve found an elegant solution in the form of the The Rufus Roo. Alright, perhaps ‘elegant’ isn’t the word. But it’s certainly a clever way around this stealth tax on your plane ticket. Because this forehead-slappingly simple piece of clothing lets you carry all of your luggage on your person. Ta daaa, no luggage fee!

    Fashionably gender-neutral, the zip-up jacket comes with two regular sized pockets and four super sized ones. So you have enough room to carry a laptop, shoes, books, T-shirts, spare pants, cuddly toys, the Special Edition Lord of the Rings DVD box set, and more. In fact, this rugged workhorse will carry an astonishing 10kg. When it comes to customs, just slip it off, pop the whole thing in one of those plastic trays and saunter through the metal detector – pitying the poor chap who has to make sense of the X-ray.

    Yes, it might attract a few strange looks. Yes, you might find yourself a little uncomfortable come takeoff. But in principle there is nothing an airline can do to stop you from stuffing this practical jacket with all of your essentials and wobbling through the departure gate. You can even bring a bag as official hand luggage! Talk about jetting made easy.

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