The Question Block Lamp
  • The Question Block Lamp
  • The Question Block Lamp

The Question Block Lamp

Punch your lights out

Product not available at the moment.
  • Turn on the light like an enthusiastic Italian plumber
  • Illuminates when you tap it from beneath
  • Emits highly addictive 8-bit sound effects
  • Bask in its familiar nostalgic glow
  • Crowd-funded by thousands of fans on Kickstarter
  • Won't produce over-sized gold coins each time you bash it


We all wish we could turn back the clock and re-live those glorious gaming days. Zero responsibilities; just hours and hours sat in front of the television, immersing ourselves in our favourite console games.

Sadly those days are behind most of us, but now we can quench our frustrated inner-gamer and bask in the familiar nostalgic glow of The Question Block Lamp. This iconic and touch-sensitive 8-bit cube can either be hung from the ceiling or proudly displayed in its retro pixel-style stand. But best of all, you get to turn the light on and off by enthusiastically fist-pumping it from beneath like a certain Italian plumber.

It won't produce massive gold coins each time you tap it, but it does emit incredibly moreish 8-bit sound effects and will reward you with the occasional cheeky 1-up.

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