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The Pub-Nub
  • The Pub-Nub

The Pub-Nub

Beerly Legal

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  • What do you call an escapade without beer? A sad-a-pade
  • Don’t drink and ride but don’t ride without the tools to drink
  • Does the above sentence make sense? Who knows. We don't
  • Pub Nub is a bottle opener attachment for your handlebars
  • Start a bike gang and call yourselves ‘The Booze Brigade’


Here at Firebox we live by one rule and one rule only. That rule? Never, ever, EVER leave the house without beer.

It may seem like an easy rule to follow, but things can get a little tricky once bicycles sneak their way into the equation. Where the heck do I keep my bottle opener? What an earth happens if I get all the way to the park and realise I've left it at home? It's ok, please don't cry. There's help out there. To cut a long story short, the following ideas will not solve your issues:
  • Cello taping a bottle opener to your helmet
  • Stuffing a bottle opener down your pants
  • Storing a bottle opener in your mouth
The following will solve your issues:
  • The Pub-Nub

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