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The Princess Bride Playing Cards


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  • All of those classic characters as beautifully-illustrated picture cards
  • Officially licensed playing cards based on the cult 1987 film
  • Funded by thousands of fans on Kickstarter
  • Magic finish makes for smooth-handling and longer lasting cards
  • Turn regular poker games into a full-on battle of wits, Iocane and all!
You've scaled the cliffs of insanity; out-fenced a vengeful Spaniard, defeated a rock-wielding giant, outwitted a diminutive Sicilian, navigated the treacherous fire swamps, narrowly evaded a R.O.U.S. and had fun stormin' da castle. Now it's time to kick back with the Brute Squad and play some cards.

Never have so many great personalities and quotes been crammed into one epic piece of 80's cinema, and now you can bring them all back to life with The Princess Bride Playing Cards. Each picture card features a beautifully illustrated character accompanied by one of their classic lines; everyone from the Dread Pirate Roberts and Inigo Montoya to Miracle Max and that speech-impeded Priest (Mawage!).

If you're one of millions of people who can longer see the word 'Inconceivable!' without yelling it aloud in their head; get your six-fingered hands on this sentimental deck today.

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  • "Bought them for my mum because we both love this film. She thinks they're brilliant! Bit expensive but they're great."
    Phoebe - 30th of April, 2015