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Alternative Christmas Gifts

The Power Tap

Liquid Energy

Product not available at the moment.
  • Now you can enjoy electricity quite literally on tap
  • Coloured light indicators – blue (charging) & red (standby)
  • Current is always stronger when pouring out of a spout
  • Won't flood your house with electricity if you leave it on
Us humans need a nourishing 8 cups of water each day to maintain our precious healthy innards and phones are no different. Well actually they're completely different, they need large doses of electricity to survive. So why not fill your phone's drained battery with some vital liquid energy from The Power Tap.

No matter how smart they look, regular plugs are dead boring and an outright eye-sore. So stop settling for such dullard wall fixtures and plug in this tactile piece of electrical plumbing. Made from rugged ABS plastic and styled like a regular household tap; just insert your USB device, give it a twist and unleash a stream of power from the spout.

With its colourful light indicators you'll always know at a glance if your device is charging (blue) or on standby (red). Now you can enjoy electricity quite literally on tap.

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