The Playboy Book

    The Playboy Book

    Top-shelf goes top-class

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      While bras were being burned and something called ‘lib’ was pouring out of women around the world, Hugh Hefner sat down in his jim-jams and put together a magazine for men. ‘If we are able to give the American male a few extra laughs and a little diversion from the anxieties of the Atomic Age,’ he wrote in his first-ever Playboy editorial, ‘we’ll feel we’ve justified our existence.’

      Well, Hef, you’ve done a bit more than that. Playboy as the most famous magazine of all-time, and a crucial bit of twentieth century cultural history? Damn right, and there’s also the small matter of thousands of naked ladies recorded for posterior - sorry, posterity – between the decades of celebrated covers.

      This book documents the first 40 years in the glorious life of the magazine. Should you want it, the development of graphic design and magazine sensibility is here for all to see. And very interesting it is too. But we would be telling The World’s Largest Fib if we didn’t recommend this book for anything other than the thousand-or-so photos of Playboy alumni that bring its otherwise flat and shiny pages to a magnificently curvy life. Remember – you’re buying it for the words...

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