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The Perfect Bake
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The Perfect Bake

Bake it off, Bake it off

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  • It's time to get seriously baked
  • Have all the expertise of a world-class baker at home
  • Bake beautiful & perfectly proportioned goods every time
  • Scales pair with an instructive app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Choose from hundreds of classic & modern recipes
  • Watch the virtual glass & follow real-time baking instructions


The greatest thing about modern day technology? The laziness it grants us. No longer must we worry about those old fashioned traits such as ‘trying’ and ‘hard work’. Technology does all the boring bits for us. All we have to do is lather ourselves in credit and praise.

The Perfect Bake is a smashing example of this. This glorious device will turn you into a not-very-authentic master pastry chef.

Baking made stupendously easy, you can kiss goodbye to hard-to-follow recipes and missed steps. The Perfect Bake guides you step-by-step through the process. No more measuring. No more counting. No more effort. Simply pop your bowl on the scale and start adding ingredients. The virtual bowl on your iPad will fill up, telling you when to stop.

Need to rescale the recipe? Piece of pie for the ol’ Perfect Bake. Should an unfortunate gobbling of chocolate chips occur between Sainsbury's and home, no problemo. Simply pop the remains on the scale and Perfect Bake rescales the recipe.

Ingenious, yes, but hold your ruddy horses - it gets better. Perfect Bake weighs each ingredient for accuracy and uses built in timers to let you know when you’re done mixing, baking or cooling. This baking boffin does all the calculations for you, scaling your recipe to the amount you want to make.

A real advocate for efficiency, Perfect Bake boasts 3 timers - one for baking, mixing and cooling - so you can streamline your baking process.

Phew. What else? You’ve got hundreds of recipes (yes, even you gluten free lot are covered) and each has been tried and tested by a professional* pastry chef. For all the meddlers out there, you can customise each recipe and even add photos of your scrumptious creations. Eat your heart out Mary Berry.

*A real life pastry chef. One who doesn’t rely on a machine to do his/her bakey bidding

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