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The Original Slush Mug
  • The Original Slush Mug

The Original Slush Mug

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    Slush Mug

    Matt loves slushies

    Do you remember the original Slush Mug? No, neither do we. And that’s odd because we’re well up on our retro gadgets. But who cares, because this simple but ludicrously effective vessel is back, and it still makes delicious slushies without all that mechanised churning malarkey. Mmm…tingly!

    All you do is freeze the mug’s liner (or Glaciercore), return it to the mug and pour in your favourite drink. Give it a stir and before you can sing ‘you’re as cold as ice’ (well, about 5 minutes) you’ll be enjoying the tingly texture of a perfectly mixed slushie.

    Slush Mug

    Remove and freeze the 'Glaciercore'

    Pour in your choice of drink

    Stir it!

    Pour in whatever sugary fruity/fizzy drinks you fancy, from cola and root beer to lemonade and squash. The possibilities are endless, especially if you start mixing things up a bit. Try a Yellow Howler (lemon, lime and pineapple); or how about a Smoothie Cappuccino (coffee, milk and sugar). You can even use this idiot-proof gizmo to create slushies with additional alcoholic oomph. Frozen margaritas in a flash? Yes please!

    Slush Mug
    Unlike shop-bought paper cup jobs, slushies made in the insulated Slush Mug stay colder for longer. And because it doesn't require ice or a blender, the slushies are not watered down. Chilly slop with passing icebergs? No thanks! We’re talking thick, machine-quality slushies with just the right consistency.

    Heavenly on a hot day, the Slush Mug is one retro oojamiflip that fully deserves to make a triumphant comeback. Yes, you could keep running to the shop to get your icy fix, but we doubt it sells dandelion and burdock tequila slushies. Come on, join the cold rush!

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