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The Onion: Our Dumb Century

    The Onion: Our Dumb Century

    edited by Scott Dikkers

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      The Onion is a newspaper with not a shred of truth in its pages. Accurately ripping the mick out of journalistic convention with stories like 'Disgruntled Ninja Silently Kills 12 Co-Workers' and 'New Mommy A Lot Prettier', they're not frightened to pick at any topic or group. They rarely miss their targets and the consistently hilarious Internet edition is the funniest thing on the Web by a mile.

      This book is their take on the events of the last 100 years, set out in the style of front pages of the era. So Friday May 7, 1937 has 'Awesome! Nation Wowed By Tremendous Hindenburg Explosion' splashed across it. None of this stuff is available online, and with a century of great events to choose from, their satire glands have gone into overdrive. In terms of sheer number of laughs, there hasn't been a funnier book in the history of printing ever. Go to www.theonion.com to see what we mean, then come back and buy this.

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