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The Octopus Chair
  • The Octopus Chair

The Octopus Chair

It’s behind you!

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    you need quite a large room to put this in!

    This is not a chair that you can put against the wall at home!

    Strike the proper tone at your next dinner party by parking yourself on a giant octopus. Exquisitely detailed (and just a little bit creepy), this brooding bodyshock of opulent dining chair and inky black leviathan is the perfect platform for announcing your plans for world domination, releasing the Kraken, or scaring the living giblets out of your daughter’s new boyfriend.

    Created by Spanish artist Maximo Riera, The Octopus Chair waves a dismissive tentacle at questions like “WTF!?, “Why?” and “Where on earth would I put it?”. Who cares if it doesn’t match your other flat-packed fjürniture? So what if it costs more than Captain Nemo’s submarine? We guarantee almost any problem can be overcome when you have an enormous octopus watching your back.

    great detail in the sculpture

    The detail in the octopus is extraordinary

    Each chair is hand-built by a team of over thirty professionals, overseen by Riera himself. The rich leather upholstery on the chair is incredibly comfortable. Plus, the seat on this lavish cephalopodian throne is one of the few places in the room where you’ll avoid the oversized octopod’s steely gaze. Comfortable and discomforting, at the same time? Absolutely!

    As part of a larger range of “animal chairs” by Riera, the Octopus Chair is being produced in very limited numbers. So catch this spectacular tentacular armchair now, before they’re gone for good. So long, suckers!

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