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The Noodle Game
  • The Noodle Game
  • The Noodle Game
  • The Noodle Game
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The Noodle Game

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The Noodle Game
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Love it as much as we do?
  • The thrill of a hot box of noodles… in a game!
  • Be the first to pile your plate high with noodles
  • But don’t let your fellow players nick them off you!
  • Requires serious noodle pinching skills
  • The best Chinese food themed game for 2-4 players


Stealth. Speed. Agility. Nimble handling of chopsticks. All skills of the noodle ninja. Do you have what it takes to out-noodle your pals in this game of tasty takeaway thievery?

Ninjas also need to be honest, so we’ll admit that this game was originally made for kids. However, after many a tipsy round of noodlin’ in the Firebox office, we concluded that it deserves a place on our website. Because it’s loads of fun. Doesn’t matter if you’re 6 or 60, we can all enjoy the thrill of poaching our neighbour’s noodle.

Just realised we’ve not explained the game. No matter, it’s super simple. Everyone’s got a plate and some chopsticks. Put the noodles in the box. Take it in turns to try to take a noodle from the box. The twist: as soon as the noodle has left the box, your fellow players have free game to wrestle it off you, providing they only use their chopsticks. It’s harder than it sounds. Especially when you factor a few cheeky drinks into the equation...

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